Light Plans

Custom Lighting Plan

A well-designed lighting plan is crucial for your sports club to ensure that the sports lighting functions effectively, adheres to all necessary regulations set by sports federations, and does not cause any disturbance to the surrounding neighbors. We recognize the importance of keeping the costs of new sports field lighting at a minimum. Drawing on our expertise and experience, we are committed to collaborating with you to develop a tailored and cost-effective lighting plan.

Fast and Efficient Installation

At Spectrisleds, we take charge of the assembly, installation, and maintenance of sports field lighting. We maintain a comprehensive inventory of all necessary materials, enabling us to quickly and efficiently address your requirements, be it for new construction, conversion, or service and upkeep. To minimize installation expenses and avoid damaging your sports field or track, we typically employ an advanced hoisting system when installing lighting solutions. This eliminates the need for cherry pickers or heavy equipment.

Smart Application of Technology

We want to lead the way in everything we do. We are happy to surprise you with smart, innovative solutions for sports field lighting:

  • Own portal for consumption monitoring and analysis.
  • Free app for controlling sports field lighting.
  • Constantly working to further exploit new automation possibilities.
  • Within our Innovation Lab we continuously work on improving and optimizing our products and services. Plus its connection to sports field lighting and other installations on sports fields.

Prepare to witness the pinnacle of lighting technology, revolutionizing your sports experience like never before